Earbud is a magazine that targets music lovers in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. (personal portfolio piece)

Part 1—Result

the final logo

In the final version, the shape of the earbud is inside of the letter “b.” It’s minimalist with a slight bit of flair with the type modification.

To show an example of logo design
To show an example of logo design
Part 1—Process

the logo

For the logo design, I wanted to incorporate the actual shape of an earbud. I explored a few different serif and sans serif fonts and thought about how the earbud shape can be expressed.

Part 2

the news site

This print art needed to be digitalized for publication. Matice and I discussed how much of the analog feeling should be left in tact while cleaning up excess noise, and arrived at the final version below. 


iphone and ipad versions


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