steel swallow

Expanding on the original band recruitment flyer, I conceptualized a set of cohesive communication initiatives.


final result

I created three communication initiatives a metal band—digital (website), narrative (brochure), and a series (posters). There was no budget constraint for this portfolio project. The deliverables have a consistent moody and dark vibe with added color. 

Process 01

plan & sketch

The research phase of this project included establishing the the audience, messaging intentions, keywords, and deciding on what formats to use. 

Process 02


In order to decide on a direction, I developed prototypes for the brochure using the three mood boards I had made during the research phase.  

Process 03

narrowing it down

Once I had chosen the direction that was working best, I established the visual identity to serve as the basis for refining the brochures, and for developing the website and poster series. I reviewed and refined as necessary, like changing the brochure dimensions to 8×8 for a less corporate feel.


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