my early days

EIEN was a study-abroad agency that ran multiple language schools in the Philippines until its close in 2015. 

how i suddenly became a designer one day

This is the story of how I was introduced to graphic design. I worked at EIEN, a start-up study abroad agency, from from 2011 to 2015. I had initially been in sales, but one day I was asked to draw the company mascot character. The assignment seemed to have come out of nowhere and I had no experience whatsoever at the time, but I was game—I spent a lot of my free time learning Adobe software and design principles. It was not long before I became an in-house designer. My work included designing logos, brochures, websites, web content, and UI for English language schools. Much of this work was lost when I left the company, because I didn’t even know having a portfolio was a thing (Ouch, but sometimes life is like that). Here are some examples of logo design work I did during that time.

i got to try everything

One of the advantages of working at a small company was that I got to try everything including animation. Looking back, I can’t believe how lucky I was to have this kind of freedom. Below is an excerpt from the animated company story. Designing the company mascot was my introduction to Adobe Illustrator, and I learned After Effects while making this animation. I’m proud to know I’ve come a long way since.


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