rico’s cafe

Rico’s is a restaurant in Mazatlan. Their Arabica coffee beans are purchased straight from indigenous growers in Chiapas and Oaxaca. The cafe also specializes in utilizing multiple brewing methods.  


the logo

I was hired by an agency mid-project when they were having difficulty with another designer. The challenge for me was to provide the agency with the style they want, while also keeping in mind their client’s wish to not deviate too much from the original logo (shown in the next section).

The original logo
Part 1—Process

logo first drafts

In the first draft, I simplified the brand mark overall by using fewer shapes. I also started to work on other graphic elements.

Part 1—Process

logo revision

The client wanted to keep the same general shape of the cup from the original logo.



The illustrations were designed to be used for the menu, restaurant interior, and packaging. They have a touch of abstract while maintaining their iconic style. 

 Part 2—Process

illustration drafts

From the first drafts, the feedback I received was to make them more abstract.


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