love letters 4 liberation

The business started with a Black Lives Matter baby onesie. Then it turned into a movement.

Project 01—Result

the final logo

Matice made the choice to go with this display type that was inspired by Marsha P. Johnson (designed by Tre Seals, Vocal Type). I digitally edited the heart symbol, but still kept some of the noise to show that it was handcrafted.

To show an example of logo design
Project 01—Process

the first pass, revisions

Matice is a printmaking artist and already had a symbol logo. But they needed a word mark version, however, so I suggested some typefaces that could pair with their heart and fist symbol as well as stand on its own.

To show an example of logo design
Project 02

art digitalization

This print art needed to be digitalized for publication. Matice and I discussed how much of the analog feeling should be left in tact while cleaning up excess noise, and arrived at the final version below. 

Project 03

promotional video 

Below is a video that showcases the items offered at the Lovelttrs4Liberation etsy store, made for the Queer Shopping Network event Matice participated in.  


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